$cat workhistory.log

Here you can find a chronological list of previous professional engagements.

2021 – current Fullstack Developer @ EQS Group AG

  • migration of a Third Party Due Diligence product from legacy VM infrastructure to Kubernetes managed infrastructure
  • splitting the monolith apart into single (micro) services

2019 – 2021 Fullstack Developer @ Business Keeper GmbH

  • development of a product about Third Party Due Diligence
  • taking part in planning and refining features
  • implementing features in ReactJS + Spring Boot
  • assessing the feasibility of various customer requests
  • migrating our automation pipelines from Jenkins to GitLab Ci/Cd
  • refactoring of the application to make it docker-ready
  • creating deployment configuration for Kubernetes-managed infrastructure
  • driving the migration from our legacy VM environments to Kubernetes

2017 – 2019 Frontend Developer @ Business Keeper AG

  • being part of the frontend team for a product about Third Party Due Diligence
  • developing new features for the product, writing tests, driving architectural changes
  • helping on the induction of new team members
  • assisting the GoLive of the product, entering the maintenance phase of the software lifecycle
  • growing knowledge on Java and PostgreSQL
  • learning about and implementing End-2-End browser tests
  • start maintenance and enhancement of our Jenkins pipelines

2014 – 2017 Apprenticeship – IT Specialist for Software Development @ Business Keeper AG


  • initially learned about system integration, switched to software development soon
  • account demo builder using Java Swing
  • joined the development team of a new big product about Third Party Due Diligence in its initial phase
  • deep dive into JavaScript and ReactJS for said product based on ReactJS + Spring Boot
  • learning about agile development using SCRUM, OAuth2 and generally the whole curriculum of the apprenticeship


  • C# WebApp using ASP.NET MVC about cryptographically secured chatrooms
  • C# WebApp using ASP.NET to install game servers via a UI

2011 – 2014 – Development as a Hobby and in School

  • learning basics of OOP using Java in school, C# in free time
  • Website basics via HTML5, CSS, JS