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Be greeted! My name is Mario Giugno, I’m a software developer based in Berlin.

I see software development as a holistic discipline. As a result, I like to cultivate my knowledge about Frontend and Backend technologies, and care about the whole development process. Starting from the implementation of features, continuous deliverance of high quality software, up to deployment to, and monitoring of, the production environment. To me, programming languages are just means to an end, but you can see my work history below for technologies I used professionally in the past.

Generally, I am interested in several topics. In philosophy, because using my reason is exciting. In jazz trumpet, because the improvisational component and spontaneous complexity of Jazz is very engaging and a good counter to developing software all day. Plus, the musical theory is interesting. In table tennis, because it is a good mix of training endurance, observing the other player, deciding on a counterplay and all that within the blink of an eye. In bouldering, because it’s basically physical problem solving that can be done as a team, but everyone in their own pace.

Further interest lie in data privacy and data ownership, open-source software, sharing and participative economy and also ecology.

My languages are mainly German (native), English (TOEFL C1, test as of 2013). I am currently learning Greek out of self-interest (maybe A1).